Diana Mounter

designs for humans

I'm a British Aussie living in San Francisco. I take a considered approach to design, think less is more, thrive on collaboration, and appreciate critique. In my spare time I help teach young people to code, illustrate things (especially robots), and sometimes I code too.

The first website I built was green with a bright yellow animated gif that flashed at around 12fps. I used tables for the layout. I hope I've learned a few things since then. This is my portfolio.


I have a phobia of meetings that have no direction and take forever. Luckily I’ve developed excellent facilitation and workshop design skills over the years. I can help a team of people come out of a meeting feeling energized, excited, and clear on direction.

I design and facilitate scoping, ideation, team building workshops, and user research sessions. I design activities that are customized for the people involved, and work towards the goals they need to achieve.

I have run workshops for a range of commercial and public sector organizations, including: Westpac Bank, University of New South Wales, Australian Conservation Foundation, Local Government Association of NSW, and Vast.com.


Photo by Jessica Allen

I was watching a Passion Projects talk with Leslie Bradshaw recently, and she said something that really resonated with me:

“Be a lighthouse in your community”

I had the opportunity to be a "lighthouse" while I was working with government in New South Wales, and I co-founded the Local Government Web Network in 2009— a network and conference series for people working on the web in local government.

I love the buzz and excitement around events and for 2 years running I stage managed the biggest web conference in Australia - Web Directions.

Since moving to San Francisco I've presented and coached at Rails Girls SF, presented at Dev Bootcamp, and I'm and organizer and mentor for CoderDojo SF.