An army of illustrated robots

My friend Kyle knows I like robots and asked if I could do a few illustrations for his talk - Army of Robots. I am a fan of Tim Boelaars simple line illustrations and this inspired the style I wanted to do the robots in.

Before I open up Illustrator I do some sketches on paper. I usually find some images I like on Google, Dribbble, and Flickr - it helps inspire me and I experiment with mixing and matching features.

To keep myself motivated with illustrating new robots, I decided to make a website to publish them on. I made a simple Jekyll site called the Robotodex.

Just for fun, I also made a robot version of Kyle. I personalized it by adding a cup of coffee and notebook which he is often claiming includes his plans to take over the world. As he works at GitHub I decided to pick some elements from their campfire bot: Hubot.